Organizational Units

Create Organizational Units structure
Written by Borut Bolčina
Updated 1 year ago

Organizational Units are, in most cases - departments created by the function—for example, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.

There are two reasons to create your organizational structure in Agile Tools:

  1. Every user you add (and invite) can be placed in one organizational unit, and
  2. When you create an Organizational Unit, you can create OKRs for them.

Go to Organizational Units from the navigation menu.

The organization itself is at the root and cannot be deleted. All others have to be added as needed.

You can select the type of Organizational Unit from a configurable list. You can create your types if the ones provided do not suffice.

Each Organizational Unit can have one person designated as the head.

Each Organizational Unit can own one or more Value Units.

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