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Exiting the Pilot phase - entering the Early Access
Written by Borut Bolčina
Updated 1 year ago

Agile Tools has been gathering feedback from our earliest users since April. In the true spirit of agile development, we did 19 releases this year to this moment - October 2022.

The OKR software market has become lively in the last two years. The solutions available today approach the digital OKRs quite differently. The majority is taking a more traditional approach, described in books with a pinch of dust on them.

We are starting with a limited set of features with one paying plan only. If we get some traction, more features will become available, enabling us to create more plans targeted at different audiences - startups and small businesses.

Early Access features

A unique pricing model

We don't want you to pay for every user. It doesn't feel fair. The value Agile Tools provides is - creating goals, and what strikes out is that OKR methodology promotes a well-known mantra - "less is more". With that and the fact that Agile Tools does not encourage personal OKRs, you can quickly deduce just how fair the pricing is. We hope you will agree.

A unique approach to "For what or who do we create OKRs?"

Peter Drucker, the father of "management by objectives," died in 2005, aged 95. Great man, great heritage!

Andy Groove, the CEO of Intel (1987-1998), picked up the MBO and made several modifications:

  • Introducing Key Results
  • Shortening the cadence of setting the goals quarterly
  • Introducing the addition of a bottom-up approach to creating objectives and key results.

OKRs became wildly popular after Google's YouTube video in 2013 on how they run the company with OKR methodology.

Why this dramatic opening? As all things change, so do organizations and how they are run.

Tools often lag way behind the social and process changes. With Agile Tools, we want to offer you a modern progressive approach to handling the OKRs.

  • No personal OKRs
  • OKRs for cross-functional teams
  • OKRs for Value Units
  • OKRs for Org Units

A unique approach to scoring

No other OKR software solution goes so deep with this feature. Scoring is one of the most frustrating events in the lifecycle of OKRs. Agile Tools offers a surprisingly simple answer: pre-scoring.

It took a great deal of time to make this feature, but we think it was well worth the effort as it will save you hours or even prevent you from dropping the OKRs entirely.

The principle is to agree on thresholds in advance and not to leave the judgment to our intestines at the end of the cycle. So much complexity is hidden and abstracted away. We hope you will like it.


There are OKR solutions with a more simplistic take on a list of OKR templates. Again, we offer a superior solution.

We have broken down the templates into three lists: metrics, key results, and OKRs. This is possible and desirable because we promote creating Key Results, each including one metric. Think of creating OKRs with lego bricks. 

Metrics are modeled with helpful information available for you to learn and use. So, a Key Result is not just a text but an object with properties. Very powerful stuff!

More features

There is more, like helping you create Objectives and Key Results with several wizards to encourage creating them in a non-task form.

Read the more exhaustive list on the pricing page.

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